9 Things I Did to Change My Health

Well shoot, in my desire to create my vlogs in one take I discovered after all the uploading that I actually gave you 8 things instead of 9.  So I’m going to type out the ninth thing instead of re-record!!


Here’s the first 8 things….below the video is a detailed timeline of the video AND #9.



1:00  Spoiler alert…the video runs longer than 15 minutes, closer to 21 minutes actually.

1:30  These things I’m sharing are not unique to me…there are common threads you will hear from people who have gone through this process of lasting change.

1:45  #1  Allow the process to take time

3:07  #2  Change things one at a time

5:00  #3  Do something small daily

6:55  #4  Enjoy the process

9:32  #5  Take yourself into account – do WWFY!

11:46  #6  Learn and listen, but take things with a grain of salt

14:10  #7  Define your ‘Big Why’ and have an emotional reason for doing what you are doing

16:50  #8  Begin working on mindset shifts, too

And finally….

# 9:  Focus on behaviors/habits, not just pounds/measurements/clothing size.

Yes, I was aware of  pounds lost and I took body circumference measurements all the while, but I wasn’t ONLY focused on my body and it shrinking.  I was also very aware of my habits changing and changing habits one at a time was how I actually lost the weight and got healthy.

I understand that losing pounds is a focus.  However, it cannot be ONLY about that.  When you spread your focus around you begin to realize that all the pieces fit together and work together.  Don’t ignore your behaviors and focus just on the scale…it will leave you feeling quite defeated when it doesn’t go down.  And there will be moments when you are doing all the “right” things and the scale doesn’t reflect that work and benefit to your body.

Look at behaviors.  Improve your behaviors.  Change habits. Focus on improvements all across the board!


These are probably a different sort of “how-to” suggestions than you’ve seen elsewhere.  As long as the food you eat and the way you moves adds to your health and leaves you feeling energetic and satisfied I really don’t think you need to emphasize it as much as the mainstream tells you.  Focus on improving your behaviors and understanding WHY you do what you do…that will get your farther and serve you in the long run much better than following a meal plan and a canned exercise program!



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