You know there is a better and achievable way to lose weight than following canned 30-day programs and detoxes.  You are afraid to move away from the hype of the diet industry and trust your instincts.

You are ready to change and need someone to give you straight talk about health and accessible advice that cuts through all the B.S.  Someone out there MUST be able to give you practical how-tos that don’t involve you counting macros, drinking weird concoctions, and working out for hours.

You are ready to change your health, but you know giving up cookies for life isn’t going to work for you.  You are interested in moving and eating better as part of a healthy life, but don’t want fitness to BE your life.

Well, I am that person you need…the person who cuts through the crap to help make getting healthy accessible, in a way that compliments YOUR life.

Hi there and welcome to Head In The Game Fitness!

I’m Carrie Headley and I’ve been on a crazy personal journey since 2010.

I’ve lost 70 pounds through systematic habit and lifestyle changes that worked for my unique body and life–no silly-ass detoxes or crazy diet plans for this lady!  I learned so much during my own transformation that I decided I wanted to share my experiences with other women.  I obtained a personal training certification through American Council on Exercise (ACE) and began to craft my own program to teach women what I knew could help them.


Unlike many of the health and fitness pros out there, I do not give rules and platitudes or apply guilt-based pressure to your approach to weight loss and health change.  Rather, my specialty is to assist you in discovering and implementing What Works For You (#WWFY).   Together, we will build habits and strategies, that work for YOU, so you can live a healthy life for…well, life!  I want you to learn consistency:  how to eat and move and think on a day-to-day basis that is sustainable.  If that means you will not give up Pop-tarts, then we are going to work together to find a way to change your health and keep Pop-tarts on the menu!  🙂

Learn n Burn (#LnB) is my flagship program where I teach women the nuts and bolts of healthy eating and movement, but more importantly how to listen and follow their own instinct and body cues.  Oh, and I should mention, we are going to work together intensely (because change IS challenging), but our time together is NOT going to suck!  Changing your health does NOT mean starvation, flavorless celery, and no treats…ever.

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A little more about me on a personal level…

McFarland, Wisconsin is my home…in fact, I’ve been a Wisconsin girl all my life.  I attended college at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater and have a Bachelors of Business Administration.  For about nine years I worked in the IT industry:  desktop support, network support, project management.  BOR-ING!  It was during my time in IT, I met my husband…we worked at the same company, in the same department (ooooohhh, scandal!  🙂  )  He’s a geek by trade and also the lead singer of a band.    Yep, I’m like Rachel Hunter, Paulina Porizkova, or Behati Prinsloo for you younger ladies!  😉  We have two daughters who we love and find exasperating in equal measure.  My first passion is being a stay-at-home-mom–I’ve not regretted a single second of that choice.  My second passion is Head In The Game Fitness and putting the word on the street that healthy is different for every one of us.


I have a serious, deep-seated love of cookies.  And an equally serious, equally deep-seated hatred of snakes!  *shudder*    😐  My husband describes me as:  the embodiment of Monica from Friends, with a little bit of Sheldon Cooper from Big Bang Theory.  I guess that would make me a lovable, logical, neat-freak?!  There isn’t a thing wrong with towels all being folded and facing the same way OR giving swift and pointed warnings when rules have been breached.  Am I right?  🙂

I’m glad you found me in my little corner of the world.  Come on back anytime! 🙂

Below are a handful of resources you might find helpful, as well as, being a window into my vibe and how I operate.

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CLICK HERE to find out some interesting things about me and a few of my quirks.  We all have ’em and it’s fun to find our people who totally get it!