Are you READY?

Are you ready to make a change in your health…a change that will sustain for the long-term and create new and lasting habits?  Are you ready to change your health with a “slow and steady” approach versus a “lose X pounds in X days” approach?   Are you ready to begin learning how to read the unique cues of your own body and how  food and movement makes YOUR body feel?  Do you want guidance from a person who has “been there” and changed her own health and can relate to your struggles?

If you answered ‘YES’ to any of these questions, please consider joining me on March 15, 2015 for a FREE workshop:  Getting Healthy 101!!

Getting Healthy 101 is an overview of where to begin for improved health: changing your nutrition, how to move, and how you think. In addition to advice on how to start a healthy change in your life, this two-hour workshop includes:

–a 20 minute interval style workout

–Two quick and easy take home recipes

–A Top 5 List to Begin Changing Your Health,

–Special Thank You! Gift

Getting Healthy 101 is hosted by Health Advisor Carrie Headley of Head In The Game Fitness, who specializes in educating women to make realistic and sustainable lifestyle changes. By sharing the knowledge gained during her personal health transformation and 70 pound weight loss, Carrie’s signature class “Learn n Burn” provides a safe, non-judgmental environment for women facing the unique challenges of being overweight and wanting to lose 50+ pounds.




Find a friend to join you and come get some great information to start changing your health!

Register  via the Joy In Yoga website at the following link (scroll down to the “Workshops” heading):–workshops.html

For more information:   608-658-4617






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