Body Image is All in the Mind

Do you know what all these pictures have in common…besides the obvious I mean?

They are all of me taken over three and a half years…and at the point in my life in which each picture was taken I have called myself fat. Yep, screwy right!?! Same lady, all different weights, and all different levels of health. So to my point… I believe body image has very little to do with how we ACTUALLY look. Body image is a mind game!

If you are working at improving your health, I cannot stress enough how important the the mind piece is to the equation. Healing the body is only one part of this journey. I believe you need to put serious effort into changing and improving the health of your mind. I’m working at it every day and let me tell you that 20+ years of self-destructing talk isn’t undone quickly. Body image and your self-esteem are key components of your health.

Are you putting efforts into improving your body image and self-esteem?? Cuz I am!

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