Character and kindness are my measuring sticks


What it would have looked like if Donald Trump had run for your village president/mayor/town chairman….and then won….


  • You would have a wall built around your town/village/city to keep out the people in the next town…the ones who come into your town to work…generally they hold the jobs that most residents don’t want to do anyway like dig ditches, haul garbage, work fast food.  Those people in the next town over who came into your town are the source of your problems, says your new town chairman.
  • During a town hall meeting discussing the schools, he did an impression of some children with autism and Down Syndrome and expressed his disdain for the teachers and the schools in your public school system
  • Certain churches/religious groups in the community (not all) were ordered to give him a list of the people in the congregation, it was assumed all people part of that church/religious group were connected with a terrible drug ring
  • Several key things were in progress and many still in the decision-making stage at the time he takes over as mayor…things like updated sewer/water, audits and compliance measures with state mandates, new residential and commercial construction, an entirely new school project just approved by the members of the town.  He decided he will not bother coming up to speed on what is going on and already in the pipeline…he doesn’t need that information.
  • During the election, reports surfaced that prior to his run for village leader he grabbed a woman in her genitalia and then proceeded to tell other men about it…that he could grab women like that any time he wanted.  This is the same man who is working at the village office where Girl Scout troops hold their meetings and the same man who attends high school sporting events where your daughters are the athletes or on cheerleading or on dance team.
  • Every day during the election and leading up to his taking over as mayor he went onto his FaceBook page and ranted about his opposition, anyone who disagreed with him was belittled and treated to a personal attack.  We all know how we love to see personal rants and constant barrage of whining/complaining on someone’s personal feed.


Feel different when you extrapolate what is happening on a national level to your own back door?


At this point I really don’t even care about policy…I won’t fucking debate that with anyone.  How someone behaves in a position of leadership means something…it means everything in fact.


I would say I’m probably skirting around being a closet conspiracy theorist…say what you will.  What happens economic policy-wise in DC is so unbelievably far removed from the daily life that most of live it’s laughable, IMHO anyway.  But I have two kids who I am trying, along with my husband, to teach values…right from wrong…kindness versus asshole-ishness…acceptance versus judgement…character over achievement.


I grew up looking up to the girls ahead of me in school.  There were a few who I thought were amazing…I wanted to be like them.  Not only were they great students and athletes, but they were nice to people…all the people in fact.  There were also girls who were great students and athletes who were unkind, some of them to me, some not…I didn’t look up to these girls.  Character.  I knew it already in junior high and high school.


I’ve had employers I’ve loved and respected and others I had zero respect for.  The ones I respected were good leaders…they were kind to people, they didn’t act arrogant, they didn’t belittle others, they made a point to work with other department heads, they weren’t inflammatory.  Hell yes, they made difficult decisions, many I didn’t agree with, but they weren’t assholes to the underlings.  Character.


So, I don’t care about the economic policies or the health care policies or whatever.  I cannot believe that our country is putting into office a man with not a stitch of character.  The POTUS is a leader.  We are supposed to elect LEADERS.

What character do you want to see in the person coaching your child…your daughter?

What character do you want to see in the person leading your civic organization?

What character do you want to see in the person running your town/village/city?

It’s no different to extrapolate that to the position of POTUS.

Character matters…well, I thought it did, but based on who is getting inaugurated this weekend, I guess character doesn’t matter too much anymore.

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