Compounding for health

Weirdly, I have found a number of parallels in improving personal finance and improving health. Let me dust off the corner of my brain I used in my business classes many, many, moons ago…  🙂

As we know in terms of money we want it to work for us via collecting interest.  There is also the concept of compound interest:  gaining interest on interest accrued.  The more you save, the more interest you earn…the more interest you earn, the more you earn overall over time.  (I’m no financial wizard, so you can do a quick google search for a far better definition!)  The point is this:  you continually add to your earnings little by little and soon you are getting greater benefit because of all the interest earned.  It is a cumulative effect that started with something small, but that was added to little by little.

Same thing goes for your efforts at improving your health.  Any and all efforts you make to improve health are of benefit, but by “compounding” your efforts the payout and effect on your health is even bigger.  Consider this…


Working out three days per week will yield health benefits for you, especially if you were not doing much in the way of exercise before.  What if you exercised three days per week and brought a healthy lunch to work versus eating out?  Chances are very good you would reap even more benefits to your health.  Further, what if you exercised three days per week, brought a healthy lunch to work every day, AND reduced your daily sugar intake?  Wow!!  Your energy levels and health would be improving quickly.    Does this make sense?  With each effort you add daily to improving your health, you compound the effects on your health.

Another little twist to consider…

When you exercise you undoubtedly get benefits…that effort is not without reward.  But what if you could compound that effort?  What if you did your exercise for the day AND you also put effort into really great fuel choices, too?  Wouldn’t that reap more benefit for you and your health than exercising hard only to follow up by putting sugar and processed food in your body?  For a long time I didn’t want to “waste” my workout efforts by following it up with crappy food.  Maybe that isn’t a bad way to look at things, but I think a better way is to look at all your efforts as being related.  If you can boost the effort you are making in one area by staying consistent in another, then all the better!

Efforts to improve your health aren’t linear and one-for-one.  Take advantage of “compounding” to see greater gains in your health!

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