CONSISTENT will beat ALL IN every single time!

You’re ready!  You’ve decided to lose weight and improve your health.  You’ve decided to workout and eat better.  On Monday, you start…that’s the day!  You’re working out like a beast and burning that fat off forever.

We’ve all said and done this…many, many times.  Gung ho!  Determined!  Storm the castle!  All in!  Super serious…THIS time!

Ok, I’ve got two “sample” scenarios for you on how you can approach adding some healthy habits to your life!  Give ’em a read and see where you shake out!

Physical vs. Emotionalhunger

Scenario 1: Schedule a workout 2 days per week.

You have been given a large project at work with an aggressive 8 week deadline…more tasks to complete on top of an already busy work day…means some extra hours.   You have kids busy with evening activities that require you to either drive and/or be present for the entire event…evenings are booked.  You have commitments for 8 out of the next 12 weekends:  family reunion, work picnic, church fundraiser, out of town, birthday party for one of your kids, holiday weekend, wedding, etc.

You know life is crazy so you find a balance point and do what you can.  So in this season of life it means two days per week feels manageable.  Twelve weeks at 2x per week = 24 total workouts.

For the most part you managed to get those workouts in because you bit off what made sense in the context of a very busy life.  A couple of weeks you missed your intended workout, but got right back on to schedule with the next one.

Total workouts completed for the 12 weeks:  22 of the 24 planned


Scenario 2:   Schedule workouts 5 days per week.

You have been given a large project at work with an aggressive 8 week deadline…more tasks to complete on top of an already busy work day…means some extra hours.   You have kids busy with evening activities that require you to either drive and/or be present for the entire event…evenings are booked.  You have commitments for 8 out of the next 12 weekends:  family reunion, work picnic, church fundraiser, out of town, birthday party for one of your kids, holiday weekend, wedding, etc.

You know life is crazy, but you need to lose weight fast!  You’ve got all these events coming up and you don’t want to be fat.  You decide you need to workout five days per week and go at least 45 minutes each time…an hour would be better.  The more workouts and the longer they are, the faster you can get results, right?

Week 1 and Week 2: You are on!  Perfect every day!!  All five days = 10 workouts.

Week 3:  Exhaustion sets in, so you don’t get up Monday.  Now you feel like shit cuz it’s only Week 3 and you’ve missed already, screw it…I’ll just dive in again next week.  1 Workout

Week 4:  Monday, yes…got that workout in!  Tuesday had to be up early…busy life commitments right now, no workout.  Wednesday…Ugh, I’ll do something to get my workout in…I hated it, but I did it.  Thursday…got half in then I started to feel rotten so I quit.  Friday…too exhausted.  Workouts = 2.5

Week 5:  The weekend was so hectic and you didn’t get sleep…no way you’re getting up today, Monday.  Tuesday, eeked out the workout.  Wednesday, whoop, second day in a row!  Crap, early work meeting, no time today.  Friday = I’m going to rest up with a long weekend and get back to it on Monday.  Workouts = 2

Week 6:  Why am I trying  so hard…I’m not seeing results anyway!  More of life, just like Weeks 4 and 5.  Workouts = 2

Week 7:  This sucks!  I can’t do anything I say I will.  Workouts = 1

Week 8:  Why can everyone else do this, but me??  Workouts = 1

Week 9:  Workout = 0  You have convinced yourself that since you aren’t making 5 days per week you are failing.  You aren’t following through on what you said, so how could less than 5 days per week help you or even be beneficial.  Throwing in the towel!!

Weeks 10, 11, and 12:  Workout = 0

Total workouts for the 12 weeks:  19.5 out of 60 planned

Consistent:  not varying, always happening or behaving in a similar way.


What’s the difference Carrie?  

The total workouts are almost the same, so how could I possibly have come out ahead by doing just 2 days per week?


Here’s the thing….well, here’s lots of things actually:

  • In #1, you worked out EVERY WEEK, moving some on a CONSISTENT basis.  In #2 you didn’t exercise AT ALL the last 4 weeks…that is not consistent, nor is it contributing to your health.  #1 most definitely IS improving your health more than #2, even if you didn’t lose all the weight you wanted to lose.
  • In #1, I’d be willing to bet you FEEL better on the inside and that your self-perception is much, much better.  You followed through on your plan.  You’ve moved every week.  You didn’t battle that feeling of being overwhelmed.  #1 comes out ahead again.
  • In #1, I’d also be willing to bet that since you stayed consistent with the movement that you also stayed more consistent with your food choices.  I have found they go hand-in-hand:  when I move more I want to eat better and vice versa.  I’m guessing if you threw in the towel at week #9 in Approach 2, then you’re nutritional choices probably took a dive, too.
  • Scenario #1 is sustainable and you’ve now created a 2x per week workout habit that can continue or be built upon.  The 2 days per week is just what you do now…adding a 3rd day, when it makes sense in your life, won’t be so overwhelming.
  • Consistency assumes a strong foundation (that YOU create) that is then improved upon with time.



Implementing health changes

Consistent:  marked by harmony, regularity, or steady continuity.


Yeah, but I’m “supposed” to be moving at least 30 minutes a day, five days a week..that’s what my doctor/trainer/therapist/best friend/government recommendation/fitness guru from the internet says.  Two days a week isn’t nearly anywhere close to that!  And I’m hardly losing any weight either!


Yep, it’s true…more movement on a daily/weekly basis is important…I don’t intend to argue with that!  What I’ll remind you of though, is that if you opted for Scenario #1 then you are CONSISTENTLY moving two days per week when you perhaps weren’t doing any.  That is an improvement…a stepping stone to getting to where you want to be!  Two days leads to three…when you are comfortable and managing three days and you are ready to add a fourth, then go for it.


The process of getting consistent movement five days a week, may take a year or two.  Think that takes too long?  How many years have you been doing some flavor of Scenario #2 and are still fighting to create a sustainable long-term habit?

Implementing health changes that STAY with you, means playing the long-game.  

There are folks, certainly, who can flip the switch and go from nothing to everything seamlessly.  I happen to believe (and have witnessed) that for most people however, that all-or-nothing mindset and approach doesn’t work.  It might yield results faster, but the problem also becomes that the results don’t stick for very long.

Consistency day after day, week after week, and month after month is what creates lasting change.  It also creates confidence.  When you DO the thing you set out to do, you get the win…and when the wins add up, that is a shot of adrenaline to your confidence and motivation to continue forward.


Consistent:  constantly adhering to the same principles.


Okay, Carrie, I’m skeptical, but I’ll listen.  How, then, do you create consistency?

1.Start small and start manageable.  

Yeah, yeah…I know…working out two days a week isn’t sexy, it isn’t glamorous, it doesn’t feel like anything to write home about.  Guess what?  If you’ve been doing nothing, then two days IS something to write home about.


2.When you fall off the horse, stay the course!!

This is a stick-in-your-craw way of saying to bounce back, to be resilient.  Life will happen.  Consistency goes hand-in-hand with resilience (the ability to bend and not break, to keep going despite adversity).  In order to be consistent, you MUST be resilient.  Fall off the horse? You must stay the course!


3.Recognize and fight perfectionism.

Do you believe if you aren’t doing exactly as prescribed and/or as the endpoint looks like that you aren’t doing anything worthy?  E.g. If you aren’t moving 5 days a week every week then you are a failure?

Life is what IS.  Life happens.  Life ensures that there will be bumps, twists, turns, and inconsistencies.  Life simply will not follow a strict A + B + C formula every day of your life and learning to weather and adjust will help you.

Trying to be perfect is debilitating and doesn’t allow you ANY middle ground or very much progress.  “Oops I didn’t get my workout in, so it’s not perfect, so I’m done trying…throw that baby out with the bathwater!”

Tough love:  you will never get what you want by stopping when things don’t go as planned or you mess up.  Develop the skills of forgiving yourself/offering grace to yourself, moving on, and improving.


4.Begin the tough work of operating in the (very unsexy, but very effective!) gray area.

Learn to exist with good or better, versus none or everything.  If you managed to get just 10 minutes of walking in versus the 30 you had planned, then go with it!  You did something–and something always trumps nothing.  You went out to eat because you’re flipping exhausted and the thought of cooking makes you want to beat something.  Fine…instead of berating yourself that you’re lazy, pick the healthiest option available to you and don’t sweat it!

Operating in the gray area means you learn to adjust on the fly.   It means you make the best choice available in that moment.  It means you offer grace instead of down-talking yourself. It means you learn the art of improving and adjusting versus excusing and giving up.

Life in the gray isn’t sexy…talking about your consistent effort working out 2 days a week for month after month doesn’t garner oohs and aahs like working out every day for a week does.  But the reality is, it works!  And it helps you build confidence and it helps you ultimately reach the endpoint you desire…and then maintain it!

So learn to #getcomfyinthegray!


Consistent:  (of a person, behavior, or process) unchanging in achievement or effect over a period of time


Just like poker, “all in” is a risky bet.  You’ve likely gone all in before, how about a new bet this time around?  Let’s bet on consistency for the win!



My new healthy lifestyle coaching program, Hone Your Healthy Habits or H3, is open for registration now through September 4.  

H3 is focused on helping you create healthy habits based on your personality and life…and when you customize your approach to health, then CONSISTENCY in those habits becomes a whole lot easier.  During the H3 1:1 coaching calls we will strategize together to figure out how to make healthy work in YOUR life.  

I’ve heard from so many clients that they know what to do, but it’s the actual doing that eludes them.  For years, they’ve been following someone else’s program…a program that wasn’t created specifically for them or their life.  That’s what we do in H3, create a “program” that suits you.  

You’ll figure out how to eat so you feel your best.  You’ll figure out how to build habits based on your personality tendencies.  You’ll figure out how to create consistency.  All so you can create health and lose weight JUST ONCE MORE, no more going back!

H3 is 12-weeks and runs from September 5 through November 27.  All the information you need, plus sign up link can be found at the link below.  

***SIGN UP BONUS – AUGUST 31 ONLY : When you enroll TODAY you will get an additional 1:1 coaching call with me.  There are (6) 1:1 calls during H3, you will get one more to be used at the close of the program.  Just as we finish, you’ll have an additional opportunity to talk with me and build next steps, so you are feeling comfortable and confident.


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