Do this ONE THING to get results in any area of your life!

Are you following the rules and doing all the things you’re supposed to do?  Are you doing your research to find the best answer so you don’t waste any time or energy doing it wrong?



Yep, me too!  For years and years and years, me too!


Want to know something?  Following all the “supposed to’s” isn’t gonna help you get the things you want.



Let me show you what I mean…


#1 – I wanted to be happy.  That meant I picked a career that would “make good money” so I would be able to afford a house and then move up the corporate ladder and make more money so I could have the stuff.  I had the money…I also worked all the time…didn’t enjoy the stuff…and wasn’t happy.


# 2 – I wanted to lose weight and be skinny, so I searched high and low for some program or expert to tell me exactly what to do.  I followed like a trooper and never got anywhere, but back to where I started.  Every. Damn. Time.


# 3 – I wanted to help other women get healthy and lose weight.  This meant I had to look the part and had to be perfect in how I ate and worked out…have to be the example, right?  All that pressure to be perfect and show up in a way that I had created in my mind meant I wasn’t being me…and I wasn’t enjoying what I was doing.  When you don’t like what you’re doing, it’s hard to be successful at it!


Third times a charm!!  I left a job I hated.  I reclaimed my health.  I hit roadblocks at #3 and that’s when the pattern finally became clear.  Meaning, I figured out what to do to get what I want.  Curious about the secret sauce…that ONE THING??


Here it is:  get honest with yourself!  


Get clear on what you want and WHY.  

Be ruthlessly honest with yourself about what you are willing/not willing to do.  

Don’t make judgements about what you want, just be honest.  Don’t make judgements about what you are willing to do…or not.  Write it down…flesh it out…have some tears if need be.  

First step, just be honest and get real with yourself!!


You won’t be able to make changes in your health unless you admit to yourself you are not willing to give up gummy worms.  You won’t be able to makes changes in your health unless you admit to yourself that running sucks and you would do almost any other activity but that.  You won’t be able to make changes in your health unless you admit that you struggle preparing food because you aren’t making time to hit the grocery store.  You won’t be able to make changes in your health unless you admit that proximity and cost are factors in exercise options.  Get honest!!  Take stock of yourself without judgement…just be honest…it starts there.


You won’t be able to be happy until you admit to yourself that you hate your job.  You won’t be able to be happy unless you figure out what things are important to you…be honest about what those are.  Some of mine?  Honesty, quality time with family, not living a rat race of a life where I’ve got 10,000 commitments to be beholden to, kindness, friendships that extend beyond the surface and develop into being family, investing in personal health to keep illness at bay as much as possible.  Get real with yourself, without judgement, and then begin living (and seeking out relationships) that are in line with what is important to you!


Get honest and know why you want what you do!!


You don’t need to attach some meaning to your wants…what you want doesn’t define who you are.  If you go about getting what you want by being an asshole, yeah, that will define you.  But simply wanting what you want doesn’t make you a bad person.


Be honest with yourself.  That will lead you to getting to know yourself.  Which will lead you to WWFY.  And the result will be what you want.

There it is ^^^^ your secret sauce!  🙂



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