Health is more than moving and eating

As I changed my physical health and how I nourished my body, I began to learn how important my thoughts and self-perception were to my overall health, too.

Unfortunately, I have spent more of my life than not feeling as if I don’t quite measure up.  It really kinda sucks to feel as if you aren’t good enough in any endeavor you try.  Conquering my weight troubles and learning I was capable of what I decided to make happen was the beginning of a mental shift for me.

Don’t get me wrong, I struggle daily with being kind to myself and being a positive voice in my own head.  Thirty plus years of a negative heckler in a mind is not quickly or easily undone.  I’m working at…it is better than it used to be…and it will continue to improve.

I’m no guru on positive thought and affirmations and how to make your thoughts manifest themselves in your life blahblahblahblah.  However, I can tell you that one momentous shift began for me when I decided to just be myself.  The good, the bad, the ugly…simply be ME!  I know my shortcomings and I’m learning to laugh at them or learning to improve upon them.   Once I decided to be myself and I determined the traits I wanted in the people closest to me, interesting things began to happen.  I suddenly found my tribe: those people who understood me and wanted to be with me DESPITE my shortcomings.    Wow!!  It feels so good to be myself and be accepted for it.


As you are on this journey to improve your health, please don’t ignore or forget the mental aspect of your health.  Improving how you speak to yourself in your mind and your self-perception DOES have an impact on your physical health.  You are worthy!  Just as you are!  Be yourself and I bet you will find the people you need to help lift you up will be there!  As much as possible, distance yourself from the people in your life that lead to feelings of unworthiness.  Be YOU and your true supporters will be by you every step of the way!

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