How to Know When You Are Doing WWFY

I talk a lot about finding and doing What Works For You…or WWFY!  But how exactly do you figure that out…and how do you know?


One thing that you can do is “follow the feel good.”  You will know that you are on the right path when things feel good.


*record scratch*


Wait, what??  You mean abandon the grind and work harder, no excuses crap??


Yep, exactly that!  Lean into more of what feels good…in your physical body AND emotionally and in the soul (i.e. instinct or gut).


I’ve done a quick video this week instead of a written blog.  Hope you find it a bit more entertaining and easier to digest the info!

A quick outline/brief notes for recap can be found below the video.


The “feel good” feeling is often one that is something like “Shit, this is scary but I feel like I really need to do this.”


“Feel good” is scared but positive.  So in addition to feeling nervous and unsure you ALSO feel exhilaration, excitement, more carefree, and/or anticipatory (looking forward to).


When you are pushing yourself to do the things you feel you “have to” or “should” then you may feel scared, but it will also be paired with feelings of pressure, excessive effort and work, downtrodden, and/or procrastination (always wanting to put off).


Beware of falling into a pattern of avoiding things because they are scary or because you don’t know yet how to discern the “feel good” from the “have to.”  Give whatever you are thinking of a try…you can always stop or change course.  It may also happen that what started off as feeling good may change…in which case, you can change, too.  It’s not failure, it’s adjusting to the feel good!


Also be cautious of not trying…of simply saying no to whatever option is presented.  You may not always know when you decide if this is WWFY…but you will discover that as you go along by watching for the “feel good.”  You have to try and you have to do something, so you can learn!



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I’m very excited to be releasing a new Hone Your Health series toward the end of October.  It is going to be called Fourteen Days of Feel Good.  The purpose is to help you get more connected to doing small things each day (with little to no cost) that amp up the joyfulness and happiness in your daily life.  When we feel good, we are able to make better choices for ourselves…feeling good translates to better choices in food and movement, which then promotes our overall health.  I want to show you that “following the feel good” isn’t lip service…that it has a direct impact on your health.  Watch my FB page (or sign up for my newsletter) for more details coming soon!  It’s gonna be fun and it’s gonna help you, too!  🙂

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