Is ‘Good Enough’ Effective for Making Changes?

For a very long time ‘good enough’ was simply a term I associated with either laziness or poor quality.  As I’ve begun to pay closer attention to how I think and approach life I’m realizing ‘good enough’ is actually a pretty powerful strategy!



Today’s vlog is all about how you can reframe the concept of ‘good enough’ and actually ditch some really counterproductive thinking.



Two different views of ‘good enough’ are discussed:

  1.  The payoff to effort ratio of getting from ‘good enough’ to nearly perfect or perfect.
  2. ‘Good enough’ is better than nothing…something beats nothing every time.



Enrollment is now open for my new FREE workshop called Fourteen Days of Feel Good (#14DFG).  I create lots of content and products to help you improve your health, but #14DFG is the one I’m most looking forward to!

This is a departure from the typical challenges…I’m not introducing some sizzling workouts or fat-loss friendly recipes.  Nope, #14DFG is all about shifting your focus each day to allow for some fun, lightness, and joy!

And, here’s the really exciting thing:  this is going to help your health!  When we diminish stress we lower cortisol, we lower our blood pressure, we increase our ability to cope, and make better decisions (like what we eat and getting moving).

The best part about #14DFG is it isn’t going to require much time on your part!  The things I’m asking you to do daily will piggy-back on tasks you do daily OR on items you already own.  I’m busy, too, and I want to make this FUN not more work!

Finally, there are prizes involved!!  Share in the closed FB group what you did for the daily focus and you’ll be eligible to win a 1:1 coaching call with me OR an Amazon gift card!

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