Just say “Chuck It” To Those Holiday Challenges

I’m getting more and more used to operating against the grain in the health and fitness industry.  Why should holiday time be any different??


Unlike most of the rest of the trainers/health pros/health coaches I know, I’m NOT inviting you to join a “Healthy-Holiday-Sweat-More-Lose-Weight-Superfun-Santa-Slimdown” Challenge.  (Did you sense sarcasm??  Yeah, there was a tiny bit there!)

Nope, I’m actually advocating you say “Chuck It!” to every challenge thrown your way!


Check out my vlog below where I outline my holiday experiences with food/weight over the years and how I approach things now.

I’m also inviting you to join me daily in December over on Head In The Game Fitness’ FB page for a LIVE video every day.  I’m going to be talking about how I “get my head in the holidays” and encouraging you to #ChuckTheChallenges!!


Here you go…




If this kind of information is your speed and would like more, please join the HITGF crew.  Each week I email you different strategies and information to get you creating a healthy life that suits YOU.  Enroll here!

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