No Rest for the Wicked….Really???

If you’re just getting to know me, some of my philosophies about moving are: every workout you have does not need to be crazy difficult and crazy intense to the point of puking; nor should your body be perpetually sore from your workouts. Further, rest is not the enemy. ¬†Below is a link to an article I found today that supports my point of view and provides some good questions and food for thought on the current fitness trend.

Intense is important I don’t argue that…intense workouts were what helped me get the scale moving downward and thus helped motivate me. What I didn’t know during my weight loss, but understand now, is the constant push-push-push mentality I had was detrimental to my body long-term. I am just now learning to listen to my body…really listen. You can have a very effective workout, even an intense workout, and still honor your body in that moment. Pay attention!! When your body hurts (versus muscle fatigue and burning), then change something. There are variations for every exercise…use them!

Resting your body is important. Taking a rest day or week is not lazy, nor is it making excuses. It is an integral part of a workout routine. I’ve obviously not read/done every workout program out there, but the ones I have done do provide rest in the schedule. Rest is necessary! In order to keep your muscles challenged they need a chance to rejuvenate and repair.

The current fitness trend leans toward finding as tough a workout as you can possibly endure. Every. Single. Time. I encourage you to buck the current norm: find a way to workout that you enjoy and which challenges without brutalizing your body…AND don’t feel guilt when you take a necessary rest!

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