Nourishment: WWFY!

WWFY = What Works For You

To me, that is the holy grail of nourishment and what you put in your body!

What I talk with my clients about is letting your body be the guide to what type of fuel works best for you. Advocates for a certain way of eating are very adamant their way is the BEST way…and I suppose that makes sense because they are feeling really great fueling their body in the way they advocate. Vegans insist you should eat in that manner. People following a Paleo diet insist it is the best way to go. South Beach followers believe they have it right. And on and on it goes…

Here’s the thing: there are lots of ways to nourish your body AND you need to discover what way works for YOUR body.

Begin a food journal to help learn WWFY. In addition to writing down what you eat, at the end of each day jot a few notes about how you feel. This will enable you to make connections from your nourishment choices to how your body feels when you consume them. When journaling how your body feels think of things like: energy level, fatigue, drowsiness, intestinal cramping/pain/bloat/gas, mood, how you slept, how you feel during a workout.

So you’re thinking “That’s all well and good but what do I actually eat???”  Stay tuned as I’ll continue to post about nutrition and give you additional info.  Until then, begin by reducing your intake of packaged junk food, sugar/sweets, and meals out while increasing your intake of vegetables.

Begin to get yourself used to the idea that there isn’t one way to eat.  Try not to feel pressure to eat according to the latest craze or fad.  Think about all the different body types out there and all the different gene combinations.  Does it really make sense that every person would eat exactly the same way??  It doesn’t to me.   The best way to nourish your body is to find WWFY!! And when you do find WWFY then you’ve got one of the keys to long term health!


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