Points to ponder before buying that miracle product!

I just don’t understand the allure of the all these detoxes and cleanses and 21 day programs.  In fact I never have.  Even as a pre-teen seeing those old SlimFast and Dexatrim commercials I wondered if you were supposed to use that stuff forever. It seemed so weird to me the concept of taking a pill to not feel hungry…to “suppress your appetite.” Were you going to drink a SlimFast drink every day for the rest of your life? What if you started eating again? Then what?  No one told me that those products wouldn’t deliver lasting results and I don’t think I ever thought of those products in those terms at that point in my life.  Simply put:  my reasoning and common sense told me they were crap.  I felt even then…just as I do now…all that stuff is bogus.

When I began revamping my health I knew at that time it would be a long process and I wanted to figure out a way to make it LAST.  I was sick and tired of losing weight then gaining it back.  It didn’t know at the start of the process what all my answers were, but I knew I had to figure out ways to do this “healthy thing” every day in a way that would last me.  To me that meant no weight loss products or programs and no living by a journal and “weighing in.”

So back to those products I simply have no use for…  Remember my purpose is to show you my perspective so you get another viewpoint, another option.  Also, my purpose is to show you that you absolutely, 100%, with certainty, can trust yourself and your decisions.  Here are some points to ponder:

1.  Why are the quick-fix products/programs so appealing?  What is it that people want to happen when they elect to use them?

I’ve heard from a number of my clients that they just want something to help get them going, to get some momentum.  They want some way of getting a quick result for their efforts so they are motivated to keep going.  The quick result is really a measure of seeing pounds lost.  If I see the scale move then I’m losing weight so this must be working so I’ll keep trying.  The problem isn’t in the quick pounds lost, it’s in the overall approach and mindset.  Your whole approach (and thus the approach for the quick fix products) is all wrapped up in the losing…not the learning.  You don’t LEARN anything when you use these products.  Change that lasts and ultimately weight loss that lasts involves LEARNING.  There is no way to sugar coat that.  Losing long-term means learning!

Clients have also told me they like these products because they help them get rid of toxins.   *sigh*  Your liver does that!  All by itself with no help from ingesting powders.  And if it doesn’t, then there is a larger problem at hand within your body that ingesting said powders will not fix!  I call bullshit on this statement of wanting to rid yourself of toxins, too.  Let’s be honest here!  People aren’t choosing to use these products because they are feeling so overloaded with toxins that they must “cleanse” their body…they are choosing to use these products to drop weight quickly.  And you will drop weight quickly.  But you can drop weight quickly by drastically cutting calories, too.  If dropping 5 pounds quickly is all you want, don’t waste your money…just starve yourself for a few days, it’s the same damn thing.  See point #3 below for more about this!

2.  Whether the product is a 3-day detox/cleanse or a 21-day plan, what do you when it’s over?  

Repeat it!  Hmmm…does living your life on a 3/7/21/30 day plan seem like a lasting approach?

Go back to what I was doing before.  Hmmm…what you were doing before put you in the place you are currently unhappy with.  If you go back to doing that, then how did the product ultimately help you?

But I just needed a jump start to get me going and now that my 3/7/21/30 days are up I’m going to start making changes.  So because you are 5 pounds or whatever lighter, THAT made you ready to make changes.  Now that I weigh 178 pounds instead of 183 pounds I’m all in…NOW I’m ready to go…gonna take charge and get healthy.  Nope…I don’t think so.  Being ready for change goes deeper than that.

3.  These products WORK!  I do lose weight when I follow them!

Sorry!  Nuh-uh!  That simply isn’t true.  You may have lost weight, but it isn’t the product that brought you success.

a) It’s a numbers game.  These products scale your daily calories back to 1500 or less…probably under 1200.  If you’ve been eating 1800 calories or more in a day, then cutting 600+ calories daily will certainly force your body to drop weight.  You can achieve the same thing by drastically cutting calories WITHOUT the product.  I’m serious!  Stop eating and see what happens!  Or replace a meal a day with an apple or a muffin or a slice of chocolate cake…as long as you are slashing your daily intake the result will be the same.  It isn’t about HEALTH, it’s simply calories in versus calories out.

b) The magic isn’t the product, the magic is YOU.

These products lead you to believe that they will do a wonderful thing for you–leave you feeling so much better if you just follow everything according to this plan for just a few days.  If you are following this program you are exerting a ton of willpower and determination…they are typically very restrictive.  If you are SO determined to make  something happen for yourself then THAT is the magic, not the product.  The fact that you will exert energy to stay on that plan/product is what makes it work…not the product.  Think about it!  When you subscribe to these programs YOU are deciding you will bypass all of the program no-nos and follow along.  If YOU don’t decide to follow along, then the product isn’t going to work it’s magic.  YOU are the magic because YOU decided you wanted to do something.  Take that determination and drive and put it into discovering WWFY and building your habits and skills for the long-term.  Figuring out your habits according to your own terms, THAT IS MAGIC!  And get this…the magic lasts!!


YOU hold the magic, not the quick fix product!

YOU hold the magic, not the quick fix product!

I’m here to tell you…rather bluntly…that for you to change in a very real, sustainable, long-term way you need to put the time in and learn the lessons that make your approach to healthy living uniquely your own.  If you’ve had energy to put into products that are based on deprivation and fear, just imagine how far that energy will take you when, instead, you back it up with good food, good movement, reframing your mind, and a concrete belief that you can find WWFY!  Cool, right?!  🙂


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