Quick Upper and Lower Body Workout

Here’s a quick workout to jump start your week! All you need is dumbbells and you can go with simply body weight also.

The format I got from Thrive As The Fittest, but I’ve added some different exercises.

Workout in under 30 mins

Workout in under 30 mins

Do each set of 5 exercises four times through as fast as you can. Do 10 reps of the exercises where noted. The two exercises that are boxed are done together, but alternating with incremented reps. So for example, do 1 bent row, 1 reverse fly, 2 bent rows, 1 reverse fly, and so on until you hit 5 rows and 1 fly then continue onto the weighted jacks.

Short on time? Then set a timer for 8 or 10 minutes and do each group of 5 exercises for that time limit. Quick and effective and easily done anywhere!

Questions on any of the exercises or the workout just let me know!  Enjoy!

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