Take the Hard Line?

Saying things like “I am never going to eat or drink XYZ”  or “I am not going to have XYZ anymore” don’t seem to me to be the key to weight loss and sustained changes in health.   Tried this…been there…done that…didn’t work!!

As I live now 70 pounds lighter, I’ve made some rules for myself, some of which are:  no soda, drink 96 ounces of water daily, use vinegar and oil for salads, no eating after 7 pm.  I follow these things probably 90 percent of the time.  So if I’m not invested a full 100% does that mean I’m not healthy?  Does it mean I shouldn’t be advocating for fitness and a healthy lifestyle?  Does it mean I shouldn’t be a trainer?

Like I’ve been saying a lot lately…I am an odd duck in the industry I chose for a new career-path.  Listen up!  It’s about to get interesting…

I drink soda on occasion.  Every now and again an icy, fountain Coke just tastes really great.  *Gasp*  Oh…it gets worse!  I’ve been known to actually consume chemical laden salad dressing at restaurants when I eat out.  *Bigger gasp…and you call yourself a trainer!*  And, rule-breaker that I am I eat after 7 pm…when I’m having fun with friends…when I stay up late…and don’t get a full night’s sleep!  *Yes, you heard me right!  Scandalous, isn’t it?!*

In every other endeavor in which I tried to lose weight, two things happened to me:  I hit a plateau and despite all my efforts could not get more weight to come off AND I gained every ounce, plus more, back.  Maybe I wasn’t truly ready during those attempts.  I’m certain that was a part of it.  But I also made very rigid restrictions for myself…as well as attempting to follow what I now view as restrictive programs.  The more I limited myself and my options the harder it seemed to stop myself from wanting those very things.

I gotta’ tell ya’ I think a much wiser and sustainable choice is learning how to function with moderation.  It isn’t easy and the weight won’t come off the fastest going about things in this manner.  But think about this next question for a moment.  If while you are losing weight you never allow yourself a dessert, a beer, a soda, a meal out, your favorite cookies, etc what are you learning?  You are learning to restrict and deprive!  Are you learning how to consume in moderation and live in a reality that is practical for you for the rest of your life?  Probably not!

When you are ready to dive in and change your health, give some thought to what you want your life to look like AFTER you change.  Yes, you are going to have to make some sacrifices and change some things in your habits to change your health.  Figure out what you’re willing to change (and not!) and learn the skill of moderation so when you get your health back, it STAYS back!

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