Time: your best bet for long-term success!

We are solidly in the time of year where you are now being guilted by big business/supplement/weight loss companies into believing that you are a terrible glutton from the holidays who needs to invest in their latest instant weight loss crap.  

Get rid of the extra pounds you surely gained in December!  Do yourself a favor and lose weight by starving yourself!  Buy our miracle product now!  Start 2016 by wasting your money on our “new” quick fix, lose weight, be skinnier faster, crappity crap!

If my heavy sarcasm hasn’t already given you a clue, let me be crystal clear:  I hate ALL that shit!  From the gimmicky weight loss centers, to the MLMs, to the big box gyms, to the diet pills, to the absolutely ridiculous products…can’t stomach any of them.  

I have tried lots of gimmicks over the years and they all worked…for a little while.  I lost weight time and again using lots of different things.  None of the weight stayed lost though for any length of time.  The single most effective “product” I have ever tried in changing my health and losing weight sustainably has been:  *drum roll please* systematic habit change.  You know…hard work where you change and hone your skills over time, little by little.  *sigh* Yep, that!  Sorry (not sorry!) to say, but that’s my sales pitch.  Nothing sexy.  No guarantees.  No drop a pants size in 10 days.  No crazy money to spend.  Just plain old, work-at-it-bit-by-bit behavior change.  That’s it!

Why are we so driven to quick changes regarding weight loss?  In other areas of our lives we completely understand and accept that slow and methodical yields the long-term success we crave.  Want to be the CEO of a company?  I bet every single one of us would accept that is a many year project, to which you work steadily and methodically to learn skills and position yourself to make that happen.  Want to be financially independent?  Again, I bet most of us would understand that it would take years of saving, sacrifice, and consistent choices to bring that goal to fruition.  Want to create a business from the ground up?  Yep, I’m going to have to create a plan, make some sacrifices, figure out how to juggle all the pieces of my life, and persevere through the setbacks to get what I want.  Why are we unwilling to take the “slow and methodical” approach with health and weight loss?  I simply don’t understand, nor do I have a answer to that question.


I was overweight for YEARS, for most of my life actually.  I’m five years into existing in a whole new way than I have before.  I’m still honing my habits and learning and refining.  I expect that I will be for many more years to come.  Recall I said I was unhealthy for years.  Years!!  Habits you carry for years are not simply undone and discarded in a matter of days or weeks.  At least that has been my experience.  I’m proud to say that while I’m fluctuating and my weight is up a bit that I’m still healthy!  I haven’t discarded the new habits I cultivated.  I’m moving consistently and have been for five years.  I’m not letting my weight get away from me like I have in the past.  And the best part, I’m learning to enjoy my life without the urgency and pressure of food dictating my day.  <–  That last sentence there is a monumental shift for me and one that has simply taken TIME to get to.

There are lessons to be learned as you change your health.  Lessons that simply aren’t learned with any sort of short-cut.  If you haven’t started thinking about your health and weight in terms of “lasting forever” than I encourage you to do so.  I’m not going to guilt or wow you with my guaranteed solutions that will take less than 30 days.  But I will go so far as to promise you won’t regret the months of hard work on yourself!  That feeling of accomplishment, the surety of knowing yourself and what works for you (#WWFY), and the long-term permanence of your health is so, so much better than the fleeting quick fix.  It IS!  I promise!  



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