To bake or not to bake, that is the question

Cookies. I love them! All of you who have been following me awhile know this…since I seem to mention this a lot! 😀

Baking. I love this, too, especially cookie baking! Although I’ve curtailed this love of mine quite a lot since I’ve reclaimed my health. Notice I didn’t say “I never bake anymore. Ever. Baking is not healthy and sugar of any kind should not be consumed by anyone. Ever.”

Christmas cookie baking. A tradition that I love because my family loves it, too. Remember my theme: holiday health…and fostering it through the building of traditions…food and otherwise. Yep, I have a food tradition that revolves around sugar. *gasp* Health sacrilege! Whatever!! I’ve learned ways to fulfill my love of baking, create a family tradition, teach my kids how to moderate their sugar intake, AND still be healthy. I’m DONE giving up all the so-called “bad” stuff so I can be smaller.

But, I digress….

Cookie baking is back in my lineup of holiday traditions. For a few years there I did only one small batch of cookies that everyone could agree on. This was all about me and my inability to say no to the cookie stash. So I subjected my family to my hang ups and took away things that they like and have no problems with. I’ve recently “got a grip” and realized I needed to practice some different behaviors so MY challenges didn’t overlap onto their good memories. So, this year I’m trying something different with my cookie baking tradition. I happen to think it’s a brilliant idea (yes, I’m totally modest!). I hope for those of you who love cookie baking, but find it hard to find the middle ground think this is a brilliant idea, too.  🙂


This year we are each going to pick one batch of cookies to make. I have five people living here, so that will be five different batches of cookies. Each person will get to have the one cookie they really love and then we still have a great variety, too.

Obviously, the five of us don’t need to consume five batches of cookies so I’m going to share them. I used to make huge cookie trays for my friends and neighbors…like two dozen or more cookies on each tray. My approach this year is going to be: #sharethecookielove.  I’m going to give small bags of cookies to lots of different folks as a thank you from our family to them. Five cookies per bag (remember five batches!) to coaches, teachers, instructors, postal carriers, neighbors, crossing guards, co-workers, relatives…anyone I can think of.

Here’s what this plan allows:
– I get my baking fix
– My family gets their baking fix
– I build memories with my family
– My kids learn about GIVING instead of just receiving
– I don’t pass a ridiculous amount of sugar to any one person of family
– I don’t leave a ridiculous amount of sugar for my family to consume

This is a whole new approach for me and you know the best part: I in NO WAY feel guilty about baking. I get to do what I enjoy…get a small share of cookies that I love…and spread some joy and traditions along the way. To quote a fitness guru I follow “Sorry, not sorry!” for baking and consuming sugar in moderation and ENJOYING it.

Are you a holiday baker? What do you bake? And what is your moderation strategy?

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