Two Big Secrets to Lasting Health (PART 2)

I am in the service of helping women regain health and lose weight.  I want women to learn to change things for themselves permanently.  I want women to figure out their body and their life so this is the LAST time they have to struggle with poor health/unwanted extra weight.    This blog, along with Part 1, is giving away two big secrets to permanent health change and weight loss.


customizeI did the “lose weight/gain it all back” thing sooooo many times.  I think each time that happened I lost a little more ability to believe in my capabilities.  It would seem I had the skills to lose a bit of weight, but I didn’t have the skills (read unmotivated, lazy, doomed to be fat) to actually be skinny and maintain my weight for any length of time.


My mind pondered things like “Why is it so hard for me?” or “Why do I always want more food?” or “What’s wrong with me and why do I have to be the fat girl?”


Further, I just couldn’t figure out how I never managed to reach a Before/After story.  What was it about ME that couldn’t buck up and follow these programs??


Aaaaahhhh…there it is…the answer right within the question.  I couldn’t follow all the programs BECAUSE they weren’t about ME.


The fitness/wellness/lose weight industry is built upon fear and vanity, NOT individual health.  That’s the first problem…which I’ll have to wax poetic about another day!  Second, what you are getting in all these “sold and told,” off-the-shelf programs are the assumption that what works for one, works for all.


Follow THIS way of eating and you’ll be golden.

Time your food like this and you will be lean forever.

Count your macros, count your calories, count your food servings and that is all there is to it.

Don’t eat this…eat more of that…avoid these foods after workouts, during your period, but only during months that end with R, during the second phase of the moon.

Yeah, I know, that last one is total bullshit….and so are the others!!


How many different people are on this planet?  How many different races?  How many different geographical areas?  How many different ways of life and access to food?  How many different gene profiles are there?  Millions to billions, right?

Does it make sense that there is one way to eat that is meant for all the people??  My gut tells me “Absolutely not!”

So if we can agree that of the billions of folks on this earth, not everyone will eat/move/behave the same, then we can probably agree that a program that is sold to the masses isn’t going to work for the masses.


Meal plans, tiny colored boxes, macro counting, point counting, avoid this food, eat more of that food, tell every person who buys into them to do the same thing!


The makers of these products don’t know YOU.  They don’t know your life.  They don’t know your budget.  They don’t now your likes/dislikes.  They don’t know what other stuff you are juggling to get through a day.    But yet, they sell you (and every consumer they can advertise to) “the answer” on how to eat and live.


Before I dug into health and weight loss in an entirely different way, I wanted someone to give me the answer.  I didn’t want to think about it…I wanted the answer.  I just wanted to be told what to eat so I wouldn’t be fat anymore.

Actually, I thought I didn’t know how to eat!  I remember thinking many times in my head “But what do I eat???”  I wanted a canned meal plan to tell me exactly what to put in my mouth–because if I did that, THEN I’d lose weight.  If I know what to put in my mouth and how to count it, I’ll surely be skinny!


The hard truth:  

  • There isn’t one way to eat,

  • you HAVE to think about it,

  • “counting” calories/macros/point/portions isn’t the answer,

  • and someone telling you what to do won’t work long-term!


The answer you are looking for, but probably don’t want to hear, is:  you need to figure out WWFY and CUSTOMIZE how you eat/move to your life.


It means learning yourself and your body…which takes time and lots of reflection.

What I find interesting…and encouraging….though is that the answer I just gave you (that whole sentence about WWFY and customization) doesn’t suck!!  When you approach getting healthy with a mind to do it YOUR way, there is a ton of pressure that is released.

Don’t like to weigh in front of another person?  Then don’t!  Love pizza?  Continue to eat it while learning how to be smart about it.  Don’t like kale?  No prob…find some other green to nosh on.   Don’t have an appetite for breakfast?  Fine…work with your body.


Customizing how you eat, move, think, and create habits is the “secret sauce” to getting healthy, losing weight, and staying that way!  


When you learn to eat in a way that you enjoy and leaves you feeling good, you’ll keep doing it!  (No canned program can tell you that…you have to learn how based on your body!)


When you move your body in a consistent way that doesn’t overbear your life AND leaves you feeling good, you’ll keep doing it!  (No canned program can tell you how to slot movement in your busy life…you have to learn how based on your body and life!)


When you create/implement habits so you seamlessly DO the healthy things easily, you’ll keep doing them!  (No canned program understands your life constraints and your personality tendencies…you have to learn them and customize your life to them!)


When you begin to reprogram your mind to focus on improvements and daily wins and small changes at a time, you will slowly build confidence and reframe your life!  (No canned program will teach you how to think differently and feel good in your skin.)




Customization:  creating a program for yourself that takes into account all that you are!  <—  That’s one of the weight loss secrets…discovering and doing WWFY, not following a program for the masses.


You have so much more ability to figure this out than you realize!  Trust me when I tell you…you can trust yourself.

I went out on a limb in 2010…and have never looked back. Won’t you join me on this limb, too??  It’s scary, but it won’t disappoint!  🙂



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