Two huge mindset shifts when you start changing your health

As I mentioned this week over on my Facebook page, I’ve been spending time reflecting on the WHYS of my own journey.  I want you all out there to know my story and help you believe that you, too, can change your health and ultimately your life.  I think I’ve probably done a pretty good job of sharing my experiences along the way, but what I haven’t always been able to pinpoint very well is what exactly I was doing in the growing moments that worked for me.  That’s where the reflecting comes in…I’m putting to words what I was doing versus just telling you how I was thinking and feeling.  Don’t get me wrong, I think sharing with you all how I feel/felt is of huge benefit.  Knowing you aren’t alone and that someone else out there “gets you” is a comforting and empowering thing.  But beyond that, you also need to  know the WHAT part of the equation…the steps and approaches that worked for me so you have a springboard of ideas to help you.

Focus on only yourself!

Focus on only yourself!

Notice I didn’t say the steps you have to perform.  My approaches and suggestions may or may not be a hinging point or aha moment for you and that is totally fine.  What I want you to get from HITGF are suggestions and ideas to consider–a different point of view that might hit home for you and shake something loose to get you moving forward.  My answers don’t have to be your answers.  My answers are meant to be an alternative to get you thinking and deciding for yourself.  Anyway, like usual, I digress….  Back to the topic at hand:  what I was actually DOING at the start that got me some traction and helped propel my progress.

Mindset shift #1:  Stop watching what the other people are doing

When I began a bootcamp class about 5 years ago I was so, so, so out of shape!  Not only was I carrying 70+ pounds extra on my frame, but I also hadn’t moved my body to the point of getting out of breath in too long to remember.  Those initial weeks and months were very challenging physically…and I knew they would be, I had expected that.  What I also understood about my situation at that time is I simply could not compare myself to the other women working out there.  I instinctively knew if I watched other women move with ease and speed I would want to give up right away.  I focused relentlessly on my own progress at those workouts.  I wanted to be able to hold a side plank for a minute so I focused on my own improvements and the day I could do that was a HUGE confidence boost!  I honestly I had no idea how long other women were able to hold that position or if they were doing some other more complicated variation than me.  My focus was simply on getting myself stronger.   Because I wasn’t allowing myself to watch what the other women around me were doing I was seeing all my own accomplishments just as they were:  MY accomplishments.  What I was doing wasn’t tainted with “I’m doing this, but it isn’t nearly as great as what she is doing.”

 Mindset shift #2:  Listen to the “experts” but implement what feels right and I’m willing to do

I’ve shared on numerous occasions that learning to trust my own instincts was invaluable to me during my journey.  I did not know all the answers when I began bootcamp as to HOW I was going to change, but I did know there were certain things I was not willing to do because they simply had not brought me success in the past.  Beyond that I was willing to be open-minded to suggestions and would implement that which a) felt like sound advice and b) I was willing to do at that time.  It had to be both.  For example, I felt like giving up soda made sense but for at least the first six months of my changes I wasn’t ready to tackle that habit…so I didn’t!  Curtailing my soda habit came later when I felt it made sense AND I was ready.   Also during this time I was reading and taking in lots of information…from the trainers at my bootcamps, to finding new blogs, to books and magazines.  I was “listening” and taking in suggestions all the time from all different sources.  I kept an open mind about things I could do to improve.  What I did NOT do was simply implement a strategy because someone told me so, nor did I simply shrug off all the suggestions as “That won’t work for me!”  I took in information, simmered on it for a bit, and then took action when a) it felt right AND b) I was willing to implement that change.

Are you just getting started on making changes in your health?  Well, here are my mindset shifts that can help you all wrapped up, neat and tidy, in a way you can easily remember and apply them:

Head down.  Eyes closed.  Mind open.

Get deep into your own business while ignoring what others are doing, but always being open to suggestions.   Head down!  Eyes closed!  Mind open!


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