Veggies for Breakfast!

You absolutely don’t need to resort to packaged foods or meal replacement shakes for breakfast.   I had a protein and veggie filled breakfast today with very little prep time!


Quick veggie saute with two eggs

This is sautéed red peppers, kale, and mushrooms in coconut oil. Once the veggies were softened I added 2 eggs and broke the yolk and added salt, pepper, and an onion powder blend. Finally I did a quick grate of Parmesan cheese and added that at the end with a few shakes of Franks’s Red Hot.

This breakfast took about 15 minutes to make. If you prepped the veggies before hand, the cook time would probably be around 5 minutes.

Use any mix of veggies you like. Use cheese or don’t–I like a hard, sharp cheese because it packs a flavor punch without having to use much. And finally, I like a bit of kick–lots of options here with Tabasco, sriacha, pickled jalapeños, etc.

Why have boxed cereal or powder-based shakes when with a couple of more minutes prep you could have this?? Yummo!!!


Healthy, quick, and easy!

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