Weekends are Part of the Picture

Consistency is a huge and integral part of changing and reclaiming your health.  You need to consistently eat healthy.  You need to consistently move your body.  You need to consistently make choices that align with your goals.  Did I say you need to do these things 100% of the time with no variation whatsoever??  Nope!  That is called perfection and it gets you into trouble…just as much as inconsistency does!

Weekends tend to be more difficult in terms of regaining health.  I struggled with them and likewise so do a number of clients I work with.  On weekends we like to unwind and shed the rigors of the workweek…break routine a bit and loosen up.  We tend to socialize a bit more, hang out with friends, and eat away from home.  There isn’t a thing wrong with that at all!  And, I’m willing to bet if you did a little planning you could maintain the consistency that aligns with your health goals.  (That’s a post for another day…right now, I want you to be thinking about how you mentally approach the weekends!)

Let me give you some comparisons and see if it hits home for you…

What if in other areas of your life you confined your efforts to only Monday through Friday?  How would that look and how would it affect things?

Finances?  What if you stuck to your budget on Monday through Friday only?  What if you saved all your extra change for the week so you’d have extra to put toward your end goal (a new car or deck or windows or vacation, etc.) and then you got to the weekend and decided to spend all that extra change on some cute stuff you saw at the store?  Your consistent work and effort during the week toward your end goal of a vacation was gone.  You worked hard, but still didn’t make progress on that end goal by not keeping your eye on the prize Saturday and Sunday.

Parenting?  Imagine following through with your rules and expectations for your children Monday through Friday and then letting them break rules or disregard expectations on the weekends.  I’m a parent and when I’m not consistent my kids walk all over me.  I don’t get the desired outcome from them whatsoever if I’m not clear and the majority of the time following through.

Big things or little things, it doesn’t much matter…consistency applies!  Religious/moral/ethical views…yeah, consistency is kinda important here!  Growing out your bangs…not a world crisis, but you won’t get that bob you want cutting your bangs on Saturday because they got in your eyes all week and you’re suddenly fed up with them!  😉

Your health goals require CONSISTENCY!  Put as much effort into your weekend habits as you do your weekday habits and change will follow!


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